"As we discussed earlier, I'd like to have Mark Ditko teach our InRoads/SelectCAD classes whenever possible. He is by far, the best instructor for this subject matter that we've had from Bentley or Intergraph. He had a difficult class in April with students from very diverse backgrounds, but managed to present the material in a way that was interesting and helpful to all. New InRoads/SelectCAD users were able to catch on quickly and more experienced users did not feel at any time that the material was beneath their level of competency. That's no easy feat that he accomplished. Class participants have spread the word about his class and I have numerous requests that others be placed in his next course. In addition, supervisors of some of those who attended his training have also had praise for the class and the abilities shown by their personnel as they returned to production. Mark made what has been a difficult transition to Version 8 seem a lot less stressful with the information that he presented and the manner in which he presented it. Please pass my comments on to Mark and to David Fagerman. There are not many instances when I feel compelled to praise an instructor and I want to be sure that Mark gets credit for his obvious hard work."
- Ivy

"Mark was probably the best facilitator I have worked with in a while, He did a great job a teaching the class, Knows the software, answered all the questions, and covered all the material plus many extras."
- Sandy

"Very Knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful."
- David

"Mark: Thanks for a great class on Survey SelectCAD this week. I had played with the software before, but never really understood how it worked so I wasn't able to do anything productive. However, I now feel like I can really dig in and start using the software for applications and tasks geared toward my workgroup's projects."
- Todd

"Mark's knowledge of this project and his attitude creates a positive atmosphere to learn in, He did a great job of teaching the class, was very easy to talk to and ask question of. He knows the software program like he built it."
- Seth

"Mark is awesome & enthusiastic (wickedly smart too)."
- Seth

"Mark Ditko is extreme! I was very impressed with his knowledge of the software & real-world experience, as well as possessing excellent teaching & communication skills. We all had a lot of fun and learned a ton."
- Tom

"Mark knows his stuff; he made learning fun and easy. He was very structured and good at explaining material. He created a comfortable atmosphere for learning and has great knowledge of the InRoads Software. Without a doubt Mark was Excellent."
- Gary

"Great Job! Very open to feedback and student participation. Keep it up!"
- Sam

"Mark provided very easy to understand instructions & reasons for uses of the software; related information to real-world applications. Great Instructor, very strong knowledge of InRoads."
- Jeff

"Extremely competent and helpful."
- Zoran

"This is a great class, Mark. I really like it."
- Zoran

"Great Communicator !"
- George

"Excellent Instructor. I will retain more of this material than I have in earlier classes."
- Deborah

"Mark is not only a good teacher, but a good designer as well. Mark is both knowledgeable and clear in both the InRoads software and in the area of Road Design at ITD. He provides good and direct answers to questions and assists in developing solutions in the design process. He is a uniquely qualified individual."
- Anonymous

"EXCELLENT. Knows material well."
- Jim

"Very Good instructor. Knows his information and teaches in a way to make information clear."
- Alan

"Great teacher."
- Larry

"Lively, personable, effective. Hope to have him again."
- Michael

"This instructor was very enthusiastic about the course as well as the students "abilities" to comprehend the material presented. He was very helpful and showed each student his concern, no one was left behind. He expressed great interest in how we had been using the other InRoads programs and made sure we all understood the differences in the new upgrade and how it would benefit us and our present job."
- Name Withheld

"He was Great – controlled people, set a good atmosphere, kept the subject interesting."
- Thomas

"Good at keeping people at ease. Allowed "dumb questions" without making anyone feel dumb for asking – so no one was afraid to ask."
- Beverly

"Mark was a great instructor, he presented the material very well. His ability to give each student personal attention I thought was great, because it allowed each student to flow through the class better."
- Richard

"Good Job !"
- Joey

"Great Instructor ! Morning questions & test helps clarify things !"
- Tracy

"I was impressed. Very interesting and knowledgeable. I enjoyed this class. Thanks."
- Charlotte

"I enjoyed this class & recommend this instructor, and wish to have him for my next class."
- Alan

"I enjoyed class, best Instructor I've had in any class. He is extremely good."
- Robert

"There is only one Mark Ditko. We need him for future training. I think he could help iron out some of the problems in the department."
- Name Withheld

"He was the best Instructor I have had in all the training I have had at AL DOT."
- Sandra

"Excellent. Has practical design & engineering experience invaluable to this class."
- Steven

"Excellent !!"
- Jeffery

"I was very impressed with the instructors level of knowledge. The class was interesting – I learned a lot. My questions were completely answered."
- Name withheld

"He was very well organized & knew the subject matter inside and out!"
- Jason

"Best instructor I've experienced."
- James

"I wish I would have known about these commands on my last job."
- Will

"I learned something today that had I known it 3 weeks ago I would have my project nearly done instead of being behind schedule."
- William

"Very knowledgeable about all aspects of Civil Engineering. Kept the class tuned in at all times."
- Angie

"Get Ditko! Best ever had – entertaining, knowledgeable, down-to-earth."
- Marc

"A great Instructor."
- Cynthia

"It's a great change of pace to have someone come in and know all aspects of this software AND other job related knowledge (survey, design…)."
- Dan

"Mark Ditko is an excellent Instructor, he insured that everyone understood the material regardless of one's experience level. He's very motivated and energetic."
- Philip

"He was Fantastic."
- Leroy

"I think Mark was one of the best instructors I have had. He is very knowledgeable of the material. He made the class very interesting."
- No Name

"I like the method he used in teaching the class. He was very informative."
- Patricia

"Mark did a great job being our Instructor. I hope to have him as my Instructor again."
- Randy

"Great Instructor ! Very knowledgeable on SelectCAD and other matters. Well-rounded."
- Cliff

"Great Instructor. Thoroughly explained everything and so clearly. Used good examples when explaining concepts. Enjoyed it, learned a lot." - Carol (Design Engineer, Alabama DOT) "1) Energetic, 2) Kept class interested, 3) Tied labs to own personal work experience."
- Kevin

"He was very instructive and motivating. He didn't move along with faster students leaving me behind."
- No Name

"Mark has a good temperament for teaching and is a nice guy. Also, he's very knowledgeable."
- Russell

"Very intelligent about the subject. Very energetic; loves his job."
- Jonathon

"Mark showed interest in each student and wanted every student to know & learn."
- Name Withheld

"The instructor was very good, knew what he was doing and explains stuff very clearly."
- Greg

"Did a great job (if he wants more money you better give it to him)."
- Mark

"Mark really cared about our project and its lack of preparedness to properly use InRoads to it's full potential."
- Gene

"Extremely well qualified; Great knowledge of both software and subject matter. Very enthusiastic about course; Never boring…."
- Rick

"Mark was Great."
- Michael

"Mark is an excellent people person & knows his stuff. Very good skills and talents."
- Name Withheld

"Mark was a very enthusiastic instructor, really knows the material & software he is teaching."
- Rienzi

"Mark moved at a good pace but didn't mind slowing down for new users. Helped on technical advanced questions & new subject matter."
- Dustin

"Very good instructor, very knowledgeable. He has always the answer to any questions."
- Yves

"Very well prepared, effective communicator with solid technical background, offered many practical examples."
- Michael

"Gives personal attention; cares about user problems; cares for problems onsite; available for all questions."
- Robert

"Mark was great. Very Very knowledgeable on the subjects and really wanted the students to learn. He has a great personality but never got away from the subject at hand. Definitely would like to see him back for another class. Great person and instructor. Excellent !"
- Rhonda

"I think Mark did an exceptional job. My situation is that I have not used this software before, and probably should have been in a beginner's class. However, Mark still gave me a very good insight into what I can achieve with this software."
- Don

"Very patient and wants his students to completely understand the assignments. He loves this stuff."
- Norman

"He knows the material very well and he puts a big effort to make us understand. He is very helpful."
- Dania

"Vast knowledge of the subject and a very understandable presentation. It would be real hard to improve on Mark !"
- Gerry

"His enthusiasm for the subject is impressive. Seems to have a lot of experience with the subject and computers in general."
- William

"Sense of humor, keeps the class interesting, maintains a good energy level. "
- Fari

"His knowledge of InRoads is "real world"."
- Lee

"Excellent speaking and communication abilities."
- Susan

"Knowledgeable; easy to ask questions to; and cares about students learning each subject."
- Jackie

"Mark has outstanding patience with students, helpfulness and knowledge of the program and its application to civil design."
- Elaine

"Good communication skills – great enthusiasm for subject & encouragement of students. Let me take more classes taught by Mark."
- Gayle

"He expresses interest in the subject and is well trained in real world problems and solutions."
- Thomas

"Very knowledgeable in real life experiences. Has used the product for production and not just a teacher. His examples can be related to."
- Patty

"Understands how this course relates / applies to the engineering field. Has actual experience using this software in engineering discipline."
- Andy

"Good sense of humor. He is good."
- Tony

"Fluid Presentation. Gung Ho."
- Jim

"Made subject very interesting. Time spent was used very effectively"
- Sam

"His enthusiasm for the product and knowledge of the field is a major strength."
- John

"His wealth of practical experience in the private sector using the product and his obvious enthusiasm for the subject is a major strength. He's very patient and has helped with problems/files from my office."
- Norman

"How can the instructor's teaching performance be improved? N/A."
- Tony

"Enthusiasm for engineering, practicality and the InRoads product."
- Scott

"Class taught with high energy, enthusiasm, and interesting stories. "
- Melissa

"Personable, clear thinker and talker. Because of his enthusiasm, he kept me interested, sometimes when I was not."
- Scott

"Thorough knowledge in his field. Patient with students & teaches well."
- Lawson

"Patience. Knowledge. Enthusiasm."
- Jeff

"Friendly, easy going but controls class."
- Ross

"Very patient with older engineers. Knows InRoads better than anyone I have ever met."
- Thomas

"He knows the subject matter very well and helped us on our questions."
- Jess

"Communicates very clear with students."
- Manuel

"Mark is a very outstanding instructor. Knows the software very in-depth and communicates it very well."
- Rob

"Effectively divides time through multi-level student knowledge. Attentive to each student's needs based on their different degrees of knowledge.."
- Elisabeth

"His actual experience with the product and work is a strength."
- Miguel

"His attitude, energy and knowledge is outstanding."
- Kris

"He knows the material very well, and was professional."
- Samir

"His strength is his enthusiasm, knowledge of the subject and willingness to help."
- Arden

"… excellent people skills. Very thorough and concise with all explanations; …encourages student questions."
- Jose

"He's friendly, with a strong Civil Engineering background."
- Chris

"His major strength is his ability to show how the software would best suit US."
- John

"Not only does the instructor encourage the students to ask questions, he actually demonstrates an enthusiastic attitude in helping the students."
- Wilson

"Friendly, willing to solve problems, creates a good environment in the class."
- Yogesh

"Has an outstanding knowledge of the subject and made it fun, not like a class."
- Michael

"Excellent attitude and enthusiasm about everything."
- Nathan

"The Instructor demonstrated a great deal of knowledge of the subject. A well prepared class."
- Samir

"Mark"s major strength is his enthusiasm and making sure that students understand the subject matter."
- Jim

"Relates well to students, enthusiastic, excellent grasp of the product, communicates well. Nice guy !"
- Mark

"He is very good. He knows the material very well and he is very funny."
- Daniel

"A major strength is his good design / engineering background; enthusiasm about the subject matter; and excellent communication skills."
- David

"Very active. Great character. Explains subject well. No need for improvement."
- Jonathan

"Clearly knows his stuff."
- John

"Extensive knowledge in the field of Engineering."
- Nikki

"Excellent Communicator. No need for improvements."
- Seth

"Mark was great ! You could tell he believes in the product."
- Elizabeth

"He has a clear understanding and knowledge of the software."
- Elmer

"He knows this product (InRoads), and is more than willing to help. Mark is interested in how our company uses the product and what he can do to help us to get the best benefit."
- Gary

"His knowledge of the subject is outstanding."
- Behzad

"Efficient use of class time; his clarity & enthusiasm are a major strength."
- Jim

"Very thorough."
- Shahbaz

"Mark knows the software, knows the subject matter, and knows the applications. Excellent teaching performance."
- Michael

"Outstanding attitude and knowledge are a major strength. No improvement needed."
- Michael

"Knowledge and Enthusiasm."
- Greg

"Marks major strength was the enthusiasm that he brought. He knows that what he is teaching can be done because he has done it. I don't know how his performance can be improved."
- Scott

"He's very knowledgeable about this product and relates well to the material & instructees. Don't change a thing on his teaching!!"
- Robert

"Mark was easy going, listened well and answered questions with real life experience. Very well taught and can not think of any improvements."
- Cheryl

"Mark provided lots of practical insight."
- Kevin

"The major strength of this Instructor is that he's an experienced Engineer."
- Sam

"Very helpful with real-world problems; Strong ability to communicate; understands the information very well.."
- Jeremy

"Enthusiastic & knowledgeable of applications of the S/W."
- Eddie

"Mark's strength is his pizzazz and interest in teaching material along with his experience as a Civil Engineer. Definitely teaches as much as you are willing to learn."
- Steve

"Outstanding in all areas of Instructor Performance."
- Andy

"Very patient and uses an understandable approach to the InRoads course."
- Huey-Yi

"Mark is a very good teacher with the necessary engineering & computer knowledge."
- Matt

"Very strong communication skills and knowledge of the software and industry."
- Kerry

"Professional presentation. Mark truly understood the program, not just the mechanics of program manipulation."
- Andrew

"Enthusiastic; Personable; Civil Engineering background; knows material and relates to what we use it for."
- Troy

"His major strengths are his organization, understanding of the material and willingness to answer any question."
- Philip

"Enthused about the material, very willing to help students. He adjusts to topics to address the students' individual questions. The material presented was well thought out."
- Keith

"He was very knowledgeable on all parts of InRoads; Good use of computer program for presentation; very organized; provides good examples from his experience; encourages students to explore different functions. Great at dealing with students questions!"
- Stephanie

"It's very evident that Mark knows InRoads in & out. Nice job of presentation; good examples; did not talk over our heads."
- Michael

"This is the 4th training class I have taken in the past 2 months and Mark is the best of the four. He is organized and does a good job on the presentation."
- Michael

"He knows the topic [InRoads V8] very well."
- Alvin

"Knows the software well. Highlights aspects that will be helpful to us in our jobs. Well done!"
- Jackie

"Knows the product well and has a great attitude for teaching the subject."
- Bob

"Answered questions in a way that is easy to understand."
- Kris

"Very enthusiastic about teaching, and very knowledgeable. Thanks for sending him."
- Mike

"The Major strength of this course is the Instructor. He has worked with the software for some time and could answer all questions that were asked."
- Dana

"The Instructor is well versed in the concepts of Survey, Design Policies, and the InRoads software."
- Dennis

"Since my attending your "InRoads Basics" class during April, I have been benefited tremendously at work. I really appreciate your instruction and have made the training material one of my most important references for InRoads applications."
- David

"I'm very satisfied. Mark helped with my particular problems and data. I feel as though I can go to work and use the software."
- Mark

"Good explanation and attention to detail; step by step manner; strong in observing errors."
- Jung-Hoe

"One of the most knowledgeable teachers I have had for this type of training. Good at making students remember. SO much better than most instructors."
- Elizabeth

"Excellent knowledge, friendly, not condescending, enthusiastic; Mark, you did a great job!"
- Paul

"Encourages questions; enjoyed pop quizzes; took extra time to explain; knows material due to actual usage on projects."
- Mark

"Knows the software very well, and is able to communicate his knowledge. Answered all my questions."
- Doug

"Ability to communicate effectively – provides clear instructions."
- Jesus

"He displays enthusiasm for the subject & his delivery shows that he is a "natural" Teacher. Very relaxed."
- Stephen

"Knowledgeable and well-spoken."
- Micki

"Mark's strength is his working knowledge of Civil Engineering in a production environment – not theoretical."
- Ken

"Knowledge of software; great speaker; shows concern & care for students."
- Scott

"Excellent Job."
- Christopher

"Well informed of what he is talking about."
- Teddy

"Mark knows the program and conveys it clearly and completely."
- Derrick

"Real world experience with field survey and office procedures."
- Brad

"Excellent diction (speech) and thorough knowledge of the subject."
- Fred

"Is able to answer questions because of experiences. Outstanding."
- Carson

"Very clear instructions and deals with all questions."
- Ramon

"Didn't go over our heads; has class structure outlined good; answered my questions well; Outstanding instructor."
- Jason

"Very people oriented and very knowledgeable."
- Todd

Strengths? – "Patience, familiarity with topics, attention to questions, friendly personality."
- Robert

"Knows his stuff. Has real-world experience, not just textbook."
- Robert

"Knowledgeable, patient in answering questions, … and superb. When I grow up I want to be just like Mark."
- Mariano

"Able to relate to the participants and patient when responding to questions and requests for help."
- Luanne

"Makes subject interesting and easy to understand. His personal experiences helped."
- Randy

"He is very concerned with the students understanding of the topic. The instructor was very informative and entertaining. He gave quizzes and reviews to make sure we understood."
- Wayne

"1) Knew the subject well; 2) Positive attitude; 3) Energized the class. I don't see anything wrong with this instructor."
- Clinton

"Very knowledgeable; promotes participation; seems to live and breathe this stuff. Dynamic speaker, able to communicate thoughts and ideas."
- Patrick

Strengths? - "Communication; Motivation; Involvement; Approachability; Knowledge."
- Michael

"Good rapport with students."
- Laura

"Mark is great. Serving Beer & Pizza each day is the only way to improve his teaching performance."
- Lauren

"Mark is very well versed in this product (InRoadsSC). Excellent Instructor."
- JoAnn

"Easy to talk with, and understands problems quickly."
- Charles

"Very Knowledgeable, very patient, great Instructor, best I've ever had. He did and EXCELLENT job."
- Lisa

"Great Teacher, speaker – incredible knowledge base of the material. The best instructor for knowledge of material in any state offered course to date. A++ ! Improve teaching performance? Probably can't !"
- Kent

"Mark creates a desire to learn. He made me want to know as much as he does. Best teacher I've had in a while."
- Jenica

"Knows the subject well, confident, just a super guy."
- Debra

"He is very good at what he teaches, & understands all the "ins and outs" of the software, he's enthusiastic about the subject & generates interest. He's great."
- Mylinh

"Best Software class I've taken. Very Well Done!"
- Bill

"Mark has been one of the best software instructors I have ever had. I greatly appreciated his knowledge and ability to convey it to others. Mark has a great attitude and he wants everyone to enjoy the class as he does."
- Jim

"He knows his Sh_t."
- Dave

"Excellent job ! Well presented. Very effective."
- Scott

"Mark went the extra mile to help us with some detailed project questions after class, which was great."
- Eric

A few quotes regarding Technical Support: "We feel that we would be better served if we had another support consultant. Since we are comfortable with your services, HECo feels that your expert knowledge in MicroStation and InRoads would be very valuable to us."
- Craig

"I wanted to let you know how helpful Mark Ditko has been. He was the instructor in my InRoads class and I have called him several times since then for support. As you know, going from the classroom to actual operation is a big jump and Mark has been essential in helping me do it successfully. I wanted to make sure it was known what a fantastic job Mark does!"
- Andy

"I think you are very thorough and you do your job well. I like thorough. It usually does not leave room for questions or misunderstandings. If you were single, I would marry you."
- Kimberly

I wanted to take a few moments to let you know of the excellent performance that Mark Ditko provided on our Kodak-China project. … During the various weeks that Mark was here, he provided exceptionally productive service to our project, helping us complete our design and meet our deadlines. Mark provided our staff with clear, understandable guidance in use of the different software packages. He added valuable insight to the use of the software and provided suggestions for modification of our work procedures so that we could take further advantage of the software's design and output capabilities. … Mark proved to be extremely dedicated to helping us complete our project, often staying beyond work hours to complete the design work, help us resolve a specific problem with the project design, or to resolve a problem that we were experiencing with the software. He took "personal ownership" of the design, making every attempt to make sure that the work was correct and complete. … Mark also worked very well with our staff, always positive in sometimes very stressful situations. I would not hesitate at all to have Mark return for support of this or any other project, and I would highly recommend him to others."
- Ted

"Mr. Ditko strengthened our knowledge with more efficient methods."
- Samir

"Sorry it has taken so long getting back with you expressing our thanks for the time you spent working with our Company. Also, we appreciate the time you also spent with us in the two day Inroads Training Class. All the Cad users that attended your class commented on how knowledgeable you were and the time you willingly spent with each one answering their questions. You are without a doubt one of the most informative instructors we have had from Intergraph. A lot can be said about an individual who is willing to share his knowledge with others. Hope to be working with you in the future. Sincerely,"
- Ronald

"Thank you for the excellent assistance that we at the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) have received in developing preference files for InRoads Version 8.2. Through the hard work of Pat Evans and a team of our design personnel, I understand that we now have a good set of preference files that work well with our CADD standards. As always, James Rich was available and tireless in ensuring that the support that we needed was made available to us in a timely manner. In addition, through his training duties for us, Mark Ditko was able to meet many of our InRoads users, ascertain their needs and give them insight into the capabilities available with the InRoads product and the proper setup of the preference files. The efforts of all three of these Bentley employees combined to offer support for ALDOT roadway design projects and helped to foster a satisfied use of your products. Please extend our sincere thanks to Mr. Evans, Mr. Rich and Mr. Ditko for their dedication and hard work on our behalf. We at ALDOT look forward to working with them in the future and continuing a good relationship with Bentley.
- Ivy

"I just wanted to let you know how much Parsons Transportation Group (SECC) appreciated Mark Ditko's presence in Denver last week. I use InRoads very extensively and it is rare that I meet anyone with his capabilities. It would be a tremendous advantage to have his assistance for an extended period of time on this job. Unfortunately, I am not in the position to make something like that happen. Although I did not get the chance to attend the training, Mark went out of his way 'after hours' to solve a relatively complicated problem with regards to roadway modeling and answer other questions as well." Thanks again,
- Adrian

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