This is a custom training program personally delivered 1 on 1 by one of the top instructors in the industry. 

Are you:

  • Becoming an Instructor?
  • Do you have a 'run of the mill grasp' of the workings of the software?
  • Do you have your arms around the interrelationships of the software settings?
  • Do you want to be the best Trainer you can be?
  • Do you need to be able to make new users productive?

In order to do this you will have to understand the software beyond just the ABC's and you will not gain this understanding in a basics class or even 5 basic classes.

No one is teaching individuals how to train others. Why? Because some people require this 'job security' and are really just not interested in someone else doing what they do. Why do we do it? - Because we have a passion about increasing the productivity of the Civil Engineer and CAD user. As a Civil Engineers and production oriented people we understand that engineering firms and agencies sometimes have limited resources and cannot afford to send their people to an outside trainer. And unfortunately it's the engineer or designer that suffers, as well as his or her project. Our goal is to get as many others to know what we know with the hope that their productivity increases, the company profits increase, and their personal lives and the lives of their co-workers are improved. Believe it or not this is our goal.

Mark Ditko, the founder of Zen Engineering, personally developed the Bentley InRoads certification program while working there in early 2001. And he was the trainer for the first InRoads certified instructor class, teaching some of the top trainers in the country.

What is desirable is to become an instructor that is effective and can answer most people's questions during the class. In order to do this you will need a very thorough understanding of the software. There is no other program in existence that will give you this, and of this we have no doubts. What we want to do is to make you a strong instructor right now.

Your other option, on the other side of the scale, is to just start being an instructor now. Doing it that way you will eventually learn more and more about training others and will gradually become stronger and stronger. This is fine if you train people every week or month and you can 'ramp up' to being more effective. We want you to be effective NOW, in your very early classes. We're pretty sensitive to students and users receiving poor training because they not only start their projects off on the wrong foot, they sometimes lead others down the wrong path using InRoads.
Others charge up to (or over) $2000/day for their standard training and consulting. And they don't even offer what we can give you. Our program allows you to use us after the training to help you with questions and be a sounding-board for issues that come up in your classes. We want you to be successful and will stick with you and make sure that you are successful.

What do you think? . . . We've been looking far and wide for a trainer protégé. If we disappeared tomorrow our training knowledge and methods would be lost forever.

More Details

This is an example from our InRoads 'Train-the-Trainer' program.


The prerequisites to this high level instruction is a good solid grounding in CAD, Civil Engineering principles and practices, and a strong grasp of the very basics of InRoads. The attendee in this instruction should have had actual hands-on experience with one of the more recent versions of InRoads (at least V7, and preferably V8).

This instruction is only provided to a maximum of 2 people at a time, and is preferably done 1 on 1. The scope of the training covers a very detailed discussion of approximately 75% of the InRoads commands and a general discussion of the remaining 25% of the commands. In addition to the standard InRoads commands certain Application Add-ins are also covered as well as implementation and standardization guidelines. The person attending this class will experience a surge in their own understanding of the software as well as an increase in confidence while working with InRoads. This is required in order to train others in its use. Each day we will make everything that we know about InRoads available to you, and work consistently to ensure that you understand it. This training instruction focuses on how the particular InRoads command operates, where it can be used and how to convey this information to the students in an understandable way.
Discussions will also cover creating training agendas and schedules. This will allow the future instructor to teach anything from a 3-day 'Delta Update' class to a full blown 60 hour + InRoads Essentials class to lunch time "brown bag" sessions.

As time allows the peripheral software packages such as InRoads Survey can also be touched on to increase the students understanding of how Survey Data collection can be reduced thereby providing existing Geometry, CAD and Surface models to Engineering.

This training is not for the InRoads-dabbler. The instruction is continual, full of 2-way discussion requiring full days. The result of this instruction is someone who understands the scope of InRoads, fully understands the basic and intermediate commands, and has a grasp of the advanced functionality.
In addition to the instruction identified above, this package also includes a 1-800 number and a direct e-mail address (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) that the instructor can use to ask questions that they may be unable to answer.

Within 24 hours (usually much less) a response to your question will be on its way to you. Direct discussion on the phone is the preferred method of answering these questions but e-mail will also be checked regularly. This support can be used to address technical questions, other 'instructional' related questions, or merely if a 'sounding board' is needed.


Zen Engineering's' Mark Ditko has been training students since the late 80's while working in the Engineering field. During these years Mark has developed a very specific training routine that has successfully trained many students around the country. This material has reached a particularly refined stage and is being made available to corporate trainers for internal-only use.

If this material is purchased as part of the Trainer instruction package additional direction will be provided on its effective use. Copy privileges will also be granted on this material to those trained by Zen Engineering for in-house training. This material may be periodically updated due to software improvements and enhancements and these updates will be passed onto 'Zen Certified' trainers who have purchased this supplemental material package.

• Training Set-up Checklist
• Student Profile sheet for Instructor orientation to the student
• Schedule and Agenda sheets (or I will custom create a schedule to fit your training needs.)
• Morning Quiz Questions for Review and learning assurance
• Pre, Mid and Final testing materials if desired
• Approximately 400 PPT's covering 17 specific topics
• Specialized 'Update PPT's' can also be made available

Zen InRoads Training and Reference guides can also be purchased and used during the training class.


Sometimes an instructor does not feel entirely comfortable teaching the first class on his own. For this reason 'Training Assistance' is provided to ensure that the first class that the instructor teaches is completely successful. There is a common guideline that an instructor should never announce their first time teaching a class; however this does not reduce the actual 'nervousness' that some people have during the first class. This 'training assistance' can take the form of 'watching in the wings', co-teaching, actual class instruction on selected topics, or any combination or variation of these.

Satisfaction is guaranteed. If we accept a future instructor into this program we WILL make them successful.

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