On-site Corporate Training

Most of the training that Zen Engineering provides takes place at the client's facility. This is either a dedicated training room or a conference room. This can also be a local college or hotel facility. We have found that the lowest cost training occurs when the client travel is eliminated, so we have no problem coming to you.

There are a number of details that need to be worked out in preparation for the training class, and these are all coordinated by either the instructor or our internal Technical Services Department.

Another alternative is to have the training at our main office in Glendale, CA. Our training room can accommodate up to ten students. Attendees are responsible for having a computer with the software installed. Feel free to discuss this alternative if it fits your needs.


Online Training 

In the past, training has always been done face to face. But more recently training is being done on-line over the internet. We at Zen Engineering have used GoToMeeting, Join.Me, WebEx and other on-line collaboration tools for our internet-based training solution.

Internet-based training can take many forms, replacing the daily routine of an instructor led face-to-face class. With internet-based training the class length can better accommodate the trainees' schedules and can be done 'piece-meal', a few hours a day, or only certain days of the week.

We find that internet-based training is also very effective for shorter, more focused topics. These topics can be related to project start-up, specific workflows issues, general Q&A sessions, but are typically related to specific software tools.

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