The Zen Engineering Seal

The eastern practice of affixing seals to artwork probably originated with collectors who stamped their seals on a collection to indicate ownership. But later, the choice of seals designated certain interests and values of the painter with subtle cultural, personal, or political implications. The seals are blocks or sculpted pieces of soft stone with the text on which the name, or the user\s name was carved in seal script (a kind of ancient character) in red. Seal impressions on paintings indicated not only the artist but also who the owner was. It is therefore possible that a painting could contain one or more seals. From these seals one could ascertain that the painting was passed through many individuals. Collectors of good taste kept their seals small and placed them in the corners; arrogant collectors and emperors impressed large and showy seals.

Like the original seals the ‘Zen Engineering’ seal also has special meaning and was developed while personally sitting next to one of the top graphic designers in the country and approving (or disapproving) his every move.

  • The symbol at the top (a trigram made up of one whole line sandwiched between two broken lines) is the I-Ching symbol for water. This is also symbolic of Passion (of which I have for InRoads and other aspects of my life) It can also represent Danger which is directed at mystery and lack of knowledge since my instruction is intended to destroy unknowingness and replace it with understanding. The top broken line of the trigram is the “ruling line” and indicates “Identification”. Identification here is meant to be “caught up” in what might be and is symbolic for me in that I like to focus my students on how they can be actually using the software in the near future not just for that moment in the class.

Also incorporated into the seal is:

  • The sun representing the light of awareness versus the darkness of unknowing;

  • The circle for enlightenment as those that I spend time with eventually realize how InRoads works and how to use the tools more effectively. The tools become part of their repertoire of ability and not something that they have to struggle with;

  • A central dot as the spark of action or thought (that’s me planting the seeds of knowledge);

  • The spiraling movements from the central dot are the ripples created by the activities and actions of my students and those that I work with. Their activities spread the things that they have learned onto other co-workers and InRoads users as well as spreading the recognition that competence with the software is possible. Starting with one person it affects the person next to them and the people next to them and so on.

  • The spiraling outward also represents the movement through successive levels of ability skill and awareness with the software. As the fundamentals are made clearer higher levels of application open up to the user and they find themselves understanding more and more tools almost instinctively. When a student fully comprehends the basic concepts of the software the peripheral tools open up to the user and become clearer in their application. The tools cease to contain ‘rigid’ applications and the cohesiveness of the software is realized. This is the ‘Zen’ of InRoads. This is InRoads ‘enlightenment”. At this point the software becomes like ones hand it’s under his control to do his bidding.

  • The rays of the sun on the outer edge of the spiraling ripples are the positive creations of those that I work with along with the positive influence that I can create. It’s the brilliance that we all have finally shining and lighting the different zones of our lives.

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