Zen Engineering is a Civil Engineering & Survey based Service Company.

We know Civil Engineering.

We know Survey.

We know drawing production.

We know how to use these modern day software programs inside and out.

We know how to function in this industry and get the job done right . . . and on time.

We have decided to share what we know.

The background of our technical team at Zen is rooted in engineering design, field work, and plan production. Our team has worked in the Civil Engineering discipline for many years; we have lived the transition from the "boards" to the "monitor and plotter" to computer-aided methods. Most of us have, at one time or another, worked for the makers of the current day engineering software, and have become specialists in modern day engineering and survey production. We have become experts with certain software programs such as MicroStation, AutoCAD and the InRoads and OpenRoads suite of products.

Unfortunately for most, the industry transition from the hand / board techniques to the computer-aided methods was done without enough thought on interdepartmental transfer of data, optimized software usage and configuration or user education. And now, many places exist in a production world consisting of partial old "board" standards, time-consuming work-arounds, "this is the way we've always done it" workflows, uneducated management desiring improvements and uneducated software users that are struggling to get the job done on time with an "acceptable" level of quality.

In this day and age, an engineering production team had better improve what they are doing or that next project might be going somewhere else.

From the beginning, Zen has been successfully helping companies develop and refine existing workflows that are out of alignment with the capabilities of the current software applications. Zen Engineering was brought about to allow us to disseminate our knowledge of computer use in the engineering environment and thereby leverage the underutilized power of the current civil engineering software. We specifically specialize in MicroStation, AutoCAD and the InRoads suite of products.

We at Zen offer the correct level of support service with the quality and depth that is needed by our clients. We do not exist to sell you something. We exist to help you reach your Company and Project goals. Our software documentation is the best material on the open market and will truly help someone to become a better user of the software. Our training, through course standardization along with our guru-status instructors, is the best in the industry, bar none. And we will continually strive to be the best, improving what we do at every opportunity.

Zen Engineering

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