Software Configuration

This support service deals with the configuration, CAD Standards creation, file naming conventions and workflow processes involved in rolling out new software, or improving the overall CAD environment. Specific implementation requirements exist for AutoCAD, MicroStation or any modules within the InRoads Suite of products.

InRoads / CAD support services can cover a number of areas and these topics are unique to every InRoads or InRoads Survey user and CAD environment. Each scope of services for software configuration is custom developed to fit your requirements.

Scope of Services – InRoads

InRoads support services can address several areas including (but not limited to):

  • InRoads software XIN Preference configuration
  • InRoads Symbology & Style creation
  • Typical Section library (ITL) creation
  • Documentation services
  • Custom workflow-based training
  • Basic / Intermediate / Advanced training
  • Training / Reference Material
  • Software Standardization / Orientation roll-out
  • Detailed Needs & Workflow Analysis
  • Project specific support
  • Other specific customer needs

Execution Methodology:

Zen Engineering can either guide the users to perform these tasks with their own internal staff, or be directly involved in the creation of these items.

Detailed InRoads support services can also encompass assistance with the development of folder and file set up procedures, naming convention and content.

A potential component of this support work can include the development of workflow guides or internal self-training guides that will be used to assist the users during the project work. These workflow guides would be provided to all users along with any master electronic files for enhancement and future distribution as they see fit. These workflow guides can also be provided to any sub-consultants to assist them in their work and compliance with your standards.

Sometime support services can expose the need for additional support services to be delivered under a separate contract, such as more in-depth project support or software configuration. These will be brought to light and discussed as they arise.

Scope of Services – MicroStation

MicroStation support services can address several areas including (but not limited to):

  • Site / Project / User Level Configuration files
  • Make recommendation of how to secure files over network
  • Advice on current server setup
  • Updating plot drivers to a new version of software
  • Testing Plot drivers
  • QA/QC check of GUI / Workspaces
  • dgnlib, Level.dgnlib, LineStyle.dgnlib …and others
  • Cell Libraries, Line Styles Resource files, Font Resource files …and others
  • DWG template for DWG work mode in MicroStation:
  • Support after implementation
  • CAD Manager Training for staff implementation

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