The Zen Guide to InRoads - V8i Survey Essentials (SS2)

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June 2009 - InRoads Survey V8i book is released. This book addresses the post-processing of survey field data. It focuses on the specific Survey functionality of the software and the manipulation of the InRoads Survey 'fieldbook'. This book covers the workflow from the point of obtaining the field files from the data collector to the export of the CAD base map, InRoads Surface model (DTM) and InRoads Geometry Project (ALG). This book was intended for an Instructor-led training class; however it is also used as a Reference book and self-paced training book. 

V8i Addendum - When you upgrade your software to InRoads V8i, SS1, SS1R or SS2; simply purchase the V8i Workbook and we will include the addendum if you are using either SS1, SS1R or SS2. Just be sure to know the version number of InRoads you are using before you click "Buy Now".  To see how to find your version number.    Click Here

This addendum is meant to accompany The Zen Guide to InRoads V8i V.11 Essentials Workbook. Bentley has released some new versions of the software that include minor changes to the way InRoads V8i software interface looks and functions. These new releases, SS1, SS1R and SS2 are still considered to be under the V8i umbrella and therefore we here at Zen felt it was best to just issue an Addendum so not to complicate the issue of determining which training workbook you need.

(Spiral-bound) - Supplemental Data (sample project) for download on our website: Knowledge Center > Downloads > Sample Data > InRoads Survey Ztrain
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