We at Zen Engineering have a philosophy that drives our actions each day. These principles regularly influence our current and future work. And while some of these company guidelines may be more difficult to achieve on some projects, we always make every effort to do our absolute best to obtain them.


~ Deliver and provide "more" services than promised whether it be defined by speed, quantity or quality. Always strive to not only meet our client's needs but to go beyond their expectations. Offer superior service that is unmatched in our industry. Mere client satisfaction is mediocre; make every effort to achieve outstanding service.


~ Achieve a betterment of the business through the betterment of the individual user. A group is composed of single individuals. To improve a group, the individuals of that group must be adequately addressed.


~ Locate and handle limited software use so that our clients are taking full advantage of the value that the software offers. Find these inefficiencies and improve the effectiveness with which the software is being used and set the company or agency on the road to continued improvement. 


~ Always strive to ensure that the underlying software concepts are taught along with any higher level application. A truly educated and valuable software user understands why he is doing the things he is doing. Before and higher level applications can be used, the basics and fundamentals must be understood. Our foundation Essentials training fills this need.


~ Incorrect technical procedures must be uncovered and eliminated. Existing users need to be reviewed on their current software knowledge. There is quite a bit of misinformation and personal opinion about what can and cannot be done with the software. Before new practices can be entered into an organization there first needs to be a clean recipient, unencumbered by past training or poor practices. This stage of "cleanup" will prepare the user to receive and understand new information. There are times that someone cannot apply new practices & workflows because they are "stuck" into believing that something is flawed or not applicable in some fashion or another. "Knowledge" has sometimes been handed down from user to user and has been mis-duplicated, degraded in quality or was version specific and is no longer applicable in the present. This stage of the process can typically be done through training on the fundamentals of the software. Our instructors will be alert to statements and reactions that would indicate prior false or no longer applicable information. These will be addressed as they arise.


~ Everyone using InRoads or other CAD software should have an understanding of where they fit into the workflow from project start-up to project completion. There are many layers of functionality within InRoads alone and each user should be fully aware of his "place" within the software. Draftsmen, Technicians, Designers and Engineers should be knowledgeable within the overall project and additionally each category of user should be most efficient within their own personal realm.


~ Certain software techniques and processes should be kept in place that assist in the precise execution of the needed actions that relate to the tasks at hand. These can be unique to the client and should always align with valuable production targets. These should be kept at a minimum and should be as simple to execute as possible. Wasted time and effort are circumvented by the correct workflow and that workflow should be known by any relevant personnel. 


~ Any system of software use must be structured for production with the desired end result always in sight. Things should not be done with the software just "because they can". Budgetary and schedule-based influences should always be considered when determining how software will be used and to what extent. 

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