Q: What version of the software should I be on?

A: That is an excellent question because if you purchase the InRoads software from Bentley you will most likely get the latest version available. Unfortunately the answer about what version you need isn’t clear cut. You have to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Am I working with an agency that requires InRoads deliverables? What version are they using?
  2. Do I need to collaborate with anyone on this project? What version are they using?
  3. Am I comfortable using the ‘latest and greatest’ bleeding edge version of the software? Would I be more comfortable with an earlier, ‘tried and true’ version?
  4. What version of CAD platform am I running? ACAD 2010? MicroStation 2004? Certain versions of InRoads are only certified with certain version of CAD. 
  5. What version of the software are the users familiar with? (Some very dramatic changes occurred in certain versions of the software that can cause even your most experienced users to tumble down the learning curve.)

 Once you have the answers to these questions the version should become more evident. If you still aren’t sure, feel free to give us a call if you need someone to discuss it with.

Q: What are InRoads software Service Packs?

A: InRoads Services Packs are basically upgrades that include various software fixes and sometimes new functionality. It’s usually a good idea to install these Service Packs but to be certain you really should read the list of fixes and changes to ensure that the impacts are not too great. The term ‘Service Pack’ is not being used as much anymore within the InRoads world. Now, recent releases or updates are just given a new number like version (InRoads XM) which was enhanced by version (also InRoads XM).

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