While Zen training courses are designed with the end goal of equipping the student to begin doing productive work at the conclusion of training, we recognize that InRoads is a large and complex product. In our work with clients through the years we have seen a need for a more advanced course that helps individuals explore and benefit from the full capability of InRoads. 

The following topics are part of our advanced InRoads training offerings.


Students will learn the use of Display Rules and Parametric Constraints with Parent/Child relationships to turn off and on template components as needed for the modeling of walls and guard rails and Jersey barriers. Students will explore all of the types of constraints as they allow you to adjust components used for variable wall heights, Jersey barriers, and Ditches and understand how to create variable slopes for cut and fill end conditions. Finally, you will learn the processing order of template points when they seek to intersect the terrain model. 

Roadway Designer

Students learn how to apply a single template to run multiple independent alignments to create and adjust for ditches, walls and jersey barriers using point controls. Lean how to seek, intersect and offset ROW features in the DTM to construct walls of variable height and width. Lean how to use parametric constraints to turn off and on curb and gutter components and set pavement component thicknesses. Lean how to manually enter, edit and manipulate super elevation and rollover locks in the roadway designer. Understand when to apply end condition exceptions and when not to in transitions. Finally, learn how to use the clipping options and multiple corridors runs to create a single model run of an intersection.

Plan and Profile

Learn how to create Plan sheets, Profile sheets, or Plan and Profile sheets automatically at multiple plotting scales with the Plan and profile generator. Understand how to use cells or references drawings to create borders with automatically filling out the title sheet information including sheet number, drawn by, date, start-stop station range, alignment name, drawn by, checked by or any variable information the user wants to keep on the sheets. Learn how to attach reference files and aerial photos to the sheets for more complete and accurate model representation.

Cross Sections

Take advantage of getting the most out of your cross sections by not just producing cross sections but generating them in predefined sheet borders ready to just send to the plotter with full title block information filled out, Volume annotation and customized layout and staking reports to provide to contractors.

Detail Drafting

Explore the various ways of annotating drawings for Plan sheets, Profile sheets and Cross section sheets, along with proper annotation of the feature based utilities in the DTM as they appear in the Cross Sections and Profiles.

Reports & Quantity Manager

Explore the standard reports delivered with InRoads, learn to customize these reports & create new reports and export data in XML format and take advantage of the pay item intelligence of the components and features in the DTM to Tie into and generate Excel reports.

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