This 5-day, 40 hour class covers material ranging from introductory to intermediate with advance discussion. It is perfect for someone who has been using MicroStation but has never been formally trained in-depth. This class is actually designed for the brand new user who has never seen MicroStation before, but those that have used it will be able to extract even more out of the training class and achieve a higher level of understanding and application.

The hands-on portion covers introductory and intermediate level functionality. The lecture portion covers introductory and intermediate with additional advanced discussion at the appropriate time. At any time attendees can ask any level of question for the instructor. More often than not the instructor will answer the question and have a dialog about the topic. The instructor at his discretion (or relying on a client advisor) will either address, what might be deemed an advanced question, or not. In some cases the instructor will work 1 on 1 with a student to cover any material that may be seen as beyond the scope of the class.

Each student in the class will receive their own copy of the training / reference guide. This guide has a CD in the back that contains all of the training files for the class so that the student can rework the exercises at some point in the future if desired. The class itself takes the student through a sample exercises that illustrate the MicroStation topic being covered. Additional discussion takes place regarding the tools that aren't used in the class project, but may be important in the scope of other projects.

Each morning there will be a question and answer session covering the material from the previous day. This is also a good opportunity for the students to bring up any other software questions that they might have.

If time is available, and the class all ahead of schedule, a period of the last day can be used to cover any specialized topics that may have come up during the earlier portions of the class.

Students are encouraged to bring their own project data to the class. The class hands-on is typically very structured using the exercises from the Workbook, but if the students complete the required hands-on they can work with their own project data. This is a great opportunity to work 1 on 1 with the instructor and obtain valuable project consultation.

A certificate for the class will be issued to the student after the training. This certificate may be used as CEU's or PDH's, and you should check your specific State requirements to verify this.

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