Here is a tip for all the Surveyors out there!! Don't worry Engineers and stand by for more tips; we have to share the Zen Dude!! :-)
Hi Mark,
The Attribute tip was awesome. Now that is what I was looking for! Thanks so much!
Now, the question I have is how I can make an export that accepts that info? In the "Survey Data to Geometry" dialogue box you have the option to add the "attribute name and values" but when apply is selected I look in the COGO buffer list and I still only get the code itself. I then make an export to check it further and notice I still get only the code.
Is there a way to get everything from the code on? I need to have a final export points identical to the import points. Can't locate it in the XML spreadsheets either . . .  Maybe I'm missing something. Let me know.
Thanks, Mr. B
Here is the Zen Dude's response:
Hey Mr. B!
Okay, regarding the exporting, it looks like your Survey Data to Geometry is set up correctly. That's the first step.
(This is my test)

Now, to see the Extended Descriptions in InRoads Survey you have to go to Geometry > Cogo Points > Edit / Review Extended Descriptions.
And how are you doing the "export"? If you need the Attributes in some sort of textual file, why don't you just export the file from the Fieldbook under InRoads > File > Export > Survey Data?
But I guess if you wanted the points combined with some future new COGO Points you could do a report under Tools > XML Reports > Geometry
And using one of the ExtendedDescription Style sheets will capture that information.
If you need a very specific format, you might need to just bite the bullet and find someone (or hire someone) to generate the exact report Style Sheet that you need. It's not rocket science to make what you need if someone knows a little HTML or XML coding, or can study an XML book and figure it out from there.
Does this help?
Civilly yours,
- zen

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